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I know that many of you might be familiar with Ray LaMontagne, but I wanted to post about him for the handful of you that aren’t. I’ve been listening to him more and more, and thinking about what it is about his music that makes him so good. Sure, he has a voice that I’ve never heard anyone similar to. His breathy yet powerful vocals seem to come from a place that I don’t have. Yes, his lyrics are the kind of poetry that we all wish came from us. His simple guitar accompaniment works well, and never needs more. There’s something else going on though when you watch him.

Check out this video of him performing at Abbey Road:

“The music industry becomes interested with you because you do your own thing, but then you have to fight to do your own thing”

There seems to be this level of truth in everything he does. You get the sense that he is making music on a level far beyond everyone else in terms of purity. I love it. I’m going to go get more of his stuff.