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I got an email today from a band out of San Antonio Texas called The Mites. Check out this track from their 2012 release: Slightly Removed by The Mites

I’ve always loved listening to an album and thinking about what it must have been like to be in the studio with the band. I like the mystery of how the songs came together, how they were recorded, and what it felt like to be there in the moment. This is especially fun when an […]

This record popped up somewhere and I decided to check it out, simply based on the cover art. They are an awesome indie rock band. On earlier songs they had more of that lo-fi dreamy washed out sound, and I guess now they are more rock. I think their song below is absolutely amazing. The […]

Shara Warden, who goes by My Brightest Diamond, is incredible. I first saw her when she was singing with the Decemberists, and even though her part in the band was small, she was very memorable. All Things Unwind goes all over the place. The sweeping arrangements move in ways you don’t expect, and Shara’s voice […]