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Often when you’re about to see one of your favorite bands, they are touring to support a new album. You’ve had time to get it and listen a bunch, and when you see them live there’s a real excitement hearing the new songs live. Maybe it’s the fact that you know the songs that makes […]

Today I’ve got something really good for you all. A band from NY called Hunters. Noisy, power, fun, rock, a little punk. Crunchy guitar riffs with pure and simple vocals sounds common, but these guys somehow are doing it better than anyone else I’ve heard in awhile. It looks like they are new with only […]

Old and Gray is the project of Berkeley, CA musician Buddy Hale, whose new album picturesque moments is the fuzziest album you have ever heard. Your probably wondering what that means. Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside to listen to? Does it feel fuzzy to the touch? Is there a fuzz pedal […]

Deep Dark Robot, self-described as a “dirty French garage pop” band makes a very strong showing with their debut album “8 Songs About A Girl.” Deep Dark Robot is a duo consisting of Linda Perry, from 4 Non Blondes, and Tony Tornay, from Fatso Jefferson. The experience these two artists bring to the album is […]

Shara Warden, who goes by My Brightest Diamond, is incredible. I first saw her when she was singing with the Decemberists, and even though her part in the band was small, she was very memorable. All Things Unwind goes all over the place. The sweeping arrangements move in ways you don’t expect, and Shara’s voice […]