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Today I’ve got something really good for you all. A band from NY called Hunters. Noisy, power, fun, rock, a little punk. Crunchy guitar riffs with pure and simple vocals sounds common, but these guys somehow are doing it better than anyone else I’ve heard in awhile. It looks like they are new with only […]

Late last night I stumbled across this amazing performance from Tan Vampires, an indie band from New Hampshire. The stripped down version from this performance was a nice introduction to their debut album which I found later, called For Physical Fitness. They remind me a little but of Local Natives. Check them out:

This band is a new discovery for me. It took me a little while to really appreciate how awesome they are, but I now feel it. With The Devil Whale you get a nice mix of catchy chorus melodies and neat riffs, backed up by lyrics that are fun to discover. They are definitely poppy, […]