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Often when you’re about to see one of your favorite bands, they are touring to support a new album. You’ve had time to get it and listen a bunch, and when you see them live there’s a real excitement hearing the new songs live. Maybe it’s the fact that you know the songs that makes it so cool?

A few months ago I got to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Slims in San Francisco, and they played a ton of new songs, from an album that wasn’t released yet. I learned that because the band used to call SF home, they have sort of a tradition of debuting new album songs here. They are one of those bands that got big and then moved to LA.

Instantly I was really starting to dig their new material. It seemed like they had been caved into their practice space for a year, and the show was their first time getting out. Every song was incredibly tight, and they looked like they were having a ton of fun. From the slower paced but building Fire Walker, to the fast moving and exciting Rival, this new album seems to put all of my favorite Black Rebel elements together. It’s not necessarily that there are new sounds, but that’s okay. They are doing what they do best, and it’s really awesome.

To build up the new album, they released a number of cool short films. Here’s one of them:



One of my favorite songs from the album: