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    Vacuum emulsify machine

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    Naro vacuum emulsify machine

    Naro vacuum emulsify machine


    This vacuum mixing homogenize is suitable for emulsification of the pharmaceutical. Cosmetic, fine chemical products, especially the material having high matrix viscosity and solid content. Such as cosmetic, cream, ointment, detergent, salad, sauce,lotion, shampoo, toothpaste and so on.


    This 20L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer include emulsifying pot water pot, oil pot, vacuum system, heating and temperature control systems, cooling systems, electric machinery control systems and so on.


    First put the raw material which can dissolved into water into water pot, then heat it , and mix it .

    Second: put the raw material which can dissolved into oil to oil pot, heat it and mix it, Then suck both of the raw material into main pot, to homogenize the two material by homogenizer.


    The pot cover is automatic rising type. The material was directly drawn into the emulsifying boiler from oil boiler and water boiler based on a pipe that is under vacuum state. The discharge is based on turning the emulsifying boiler. And the heating system is electric heating and steam heating by the heating pipe, which the temperature is controlled automatically. Put the cool water into the intercalated bed so as to cool the material, simple and convenient (have a warm layer outside intercalated bed). The homogenizer and the blade stirring can together work and separate work. The material sliming, emulsification, mixing, dispersing etc. can be finished during short time. Contact position adopts high-quality stainless steel (medical use adopts 316L material, the interior surface is mirror polish, Vacuum agitating device is hygienically, it is made according to the normal hygiene standard of GMP and is the most idea production equipment.

    Technical Parameters:


    Emulsify tank volume35LFilling capacity5-20L
    Heat area of emulsify tank  0.6 squre meterHydraulic motor0.75kw
    Homogenizer 2.2kwspeed0-4000r/min
    Scrape motor0.75kwspeed20-60r/min
    Oil tank volume25LWater tank volume25L
    Mixer of oil tank0.18kwHeat area of oil tank0.07squre meter 
    Mixer of water tank0.18kwHeat area of water tank0.07 squre meter
    Vacuum pump0.81kwTotal power11.25kw
    Dimension 1235*650*1400

    Order requirement:

    What way do you heat the machine by steam or electric ?

    Do you need automatic one or manual one?

    Do you need water and oil pot or not?

    What is your raw material?

    What is the voltage? Is it 380V 50hz 3phase?

    When do you plan to buy this machine?


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