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    Tube filling machine

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    Automatic ultrasonic tube filler and sealer

    Automatic ultrasonic tube filler and sealer


    Auto ultrasonic Filling &Sealing Machine is widely used in industry of toothpaste, cosmetic, drugs, cream, lotion and so on. The tube can be plastic tubes and laminated tube. The result of sealing of the tube is very good


    It is highly automatic, which can automatically load tubes, check color codes, fill, seal, stamp, batch numbers and exit tubes. It is sealed by ultrasonic wave, so the sealing and stamping, batching can be high-quality. The rotation station adopts precise cam indexing mechanism for precise and smooth positioning. The user can adjust speed with the frequency conversion type speed control to the rotating engine.


    1 The speed of the machine can be changed according to customer requirement.

    2 The filling accuracy ?± 1%.

    3,the structure is compact, self-control, transmission closed. 

    4 the tube can be cleaned.the tube can be printed by words.

    5 The machine is installed by electric eye which can exactly position the tube 

    6 intelligent ultrasonic sealing, make operation simple and reliable sealing. 

    7 Material contact parts made of 316 stainless steel, clean, sanitary, in full compliance with the requirements of GMP. 

    8 The filling capacity can be adjusted by piston, so it is convenient.

    9 the machine is equipped with safety devices, no tube no filling, overload protection. If the door is open, the machine is stop working.  

    10 Filling and Sealing parts mounted on the platform above semi-closed static-frame viewing hood, easy to observe, easy operation, easy maintenance; 

    11stainless steel touch switch operation board; 



    Automatic feeding tubes ?Auto Tube orientation      ?Auto Filling ?Auto ultrasonic sealing →Auto producing date printing  ?Auto trimming ?Auto tubes output 


    Model: HX-009

    Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ single phase

    Power: 2000W

    Capacity: 20-35tubes/min

    Filling Range: A:3-30ml    B: 6-60ml  C: 10-120ml  D: 25-250ml

    E: 250-500ml (Customer made available)

    Sealing Diameter .: 5-50mm

    Max. Height: 5-200mm

    Dimension: 1700*1370*1650mm



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