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    Emulsify and rotor pump

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    TRS Powder Liquid High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier

    TRS Powder Liquid High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier

    How It Works

    The Powder liquid high shear dispersing emulsifier is composed of main machine boby and the gear of mixing pump, which are vertically installed. Through a double-layer wall pipe,the liquid materials and solid materials are separately pumped in, which can prevent them form agglomerating before entering into the main body. When the liquid enters into the main machine body of mixer at high speed, vacuum will produce in the center of rotor and stator to suck the solid materials. The soild materials will be evenly sucked in through the regulation of valve under the hopper. It has brief design and multiple functions. lt can rapidly and evenly mix multiple solid materials without contacting the air. The mixing is enough and the product can be recycled. Medium (or material) is dispersed, sheared and emulsified in the shortest time by the machine, and the diameter range of the particles gets smaller so that fine and stable products are produced.

    Structural features




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