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    Tube filling machine

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    NF30 semi auto Alu or plastic tube filler and sealer

    NF30 semi auto Alu or plastic tube filler and sealer

    A. Introduction

    This equipment is widely used in industry of toothpaste, cosmetic, drugs and food etc., it is applicable for various aluminium tube,  It can fill-pack all kinds of cream, latex, lotion, oil and water etc. Before you use our equipment, read this user manual carefully and you can make a good use of our products.

    This equipment can automatically fill, seal, stamp batch numbers and exit tubes(with 10 tube position) .  All the channels can be unloaded fast and agilely. The material-valve can be rotated, it can be clean out easily, so there’s no place for the dirty. Fixing organization can fix position precisely and firmly. The position-turning part can change speed by using different-frequency. Customers can adjust the working speed themselves. 

    Several devices such as heatproof system (to keep steady heating temp. of the material) , mixing parts, and etc. can be chosen according to the customer’s demand.

    B. Characteristic:

    ?The machine can be installed with heating hopper and mixer

    ?The link parts are easy to take-down and washing

    ?Uses high quality pneumatic elements


    II. Parameter:

     1.Power Supply:~220V±10%

     2.Main motor Power?KW

     3.Filling Range?~180(ml)(customized according to need?/p>

     4.Operation Speed?0-30/min

     5.Filling precision:?%

     6.Whole Machine?100X800X1600(㎜?/p>


     8.Working Pressure:>0.4Mpa

     9.Control type:Button


    What is your tube? Plastic tube or alu tube?

    What is the filling capacity?

    What speed of the machine do you need?

    When do you need this machine?

    Do you have any special requirement?


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