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    JDZ-100 Horizontal Cartoning Machine for tube

    JDZ-100 Horizontal Cartoning Machine for tube

    1. General Description

    This machine is high technology product incorporates of pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic. It is suitable for inserting tube, pillow wrapped products, pharmaceutical products and food similar package into carton in a range. The machine finishes running by a series of photo-electro controller to make the machine stability and guarantee the packing quality. It includes canton suction and open, products put into, printing batch number, sealing carton with tuck-in or hot melt glue device.


    2. Technical Data


    Weight & Dimensions

    Dimensions in mm3600×1100×1550(L×W×H)
    Weight in kg1400


    Output & Speed

    Steady production speed30-80 cartons/min


    Unfold Leaflet (optional)

    GrammageBetween 60-70g/m2 
    Size range(80-250) ×(90-170)mm (L×W)
    Fold range(1-4 )fold
    Notice: The leaflet can be folded by the machine



    GrammageBetween( 250-350)g/m2 
    Size mm(70-180)×(35-85) ×(14-50) (L×W×H)



    Standard power supply220V ?nbsp;50Hz
    Power consumption in KW0.75
    Air consumption120-160L/min
    Compressed Air Pressure0.6MPa
    Noise?0 dB

    3. Functions and Options

    The cartoning machine includes an automatic station to form the cartons. The carton boxes are held by vacuum

    No suction carton by missing product

    No suction carton by missing leaflet

    Product will be manually loaded on conveyer by manual ,then other things finished automaticlly.

    Automatically displaying device for trouble, speed and finished products counting

    Machine stop running if no products or incorrect position of products. And stop automatically if incorrect position of product into carton after return or no cartons or out of leaflets continuous.

    Adopt human-machine operation system.

    International famous brand of electric components such for PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc

    Stable performance, operation is easy Controls Sensors

    Product presence detection sensor

    Leaflet presence detection sensor

    Carton present detection sensor

    4.Working principle drawing