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Deep Dark Robot, self-described as a “dirty French garage pop” band makes a very strong showing with their debut album “8 Songs About A Girl.” Deep Dark Robot is a duo consisting of Linda Perry, from 4 Non Blondes, and Tony Tornay, from Fatso Jefferson. The experience these two artists bring to the album is immediately evident on each and every track. There is a reason so many artists hire Linda Perry to produce their albums and it shows.

“8 Songs About A Girl” is a concept album about a troubled relationship and heartbreak. However, don’t go breaking out the tissues too soon. There are only two songs with the slow, melancholy feel that you normally would associate with those two topics. Most of the album shows a fairly high amount of energy. In fact, the diversity of the album is one of the strongest points about it.

It is hard to really peg down any of the songs really standing out due to the diversity of the album. All of the songs are excellent, but people are most likely going to gravitate towards whichever song fits their tastes the best. “I’m Coming For You” starts the album with a psychedelic rock groove that is reminiscent of Janis Joplin. “Speck” with Linda accompanied by a slow, somber pianist marks a much more introspective part of the album. Even then, “Speck” leads into a more Prince like finale that closes out the album and gives a surprising amount of closure to the whole experience.

In and of itself, “8 Songs About A Girl” is just as much a work of art as any of the songs on it. Normally, when artists do about songs about heartbreak, it is the soft, introspective, melancholy aspect of it. “8 Songs About A Girl” takes you through the whole twisted ride of a bad breakup. At times the album is sad, but it is also angry and optimistic and frustrated and nostalgic and ultimately accepting, albeit with a hint of contempt. It paints a vivid picture of all the highs and lows someone goes through in a doomed relationship.

Deep Dark Robot isn’t a band you want to listen to psych yourself up. “8 Songs About A Girl” is a dark album that deals with one of the most emotionally straining aspects of relationships. However, it is an album that is well worth listening to because it presents it so well. The album doesn’t hold anything back. If you have the time, it definitely is worth listening to from start to finish just to get the full impact of the album and the wave of emotions it carries.